You can scramble images so only people with the decoder key can see them.
Help Tip! Re-scale images to 400 pixels wide for most social media sites.

Example of use: if you have a group of patreon supports and you have already given them the NAME and KEY to D-Scramble to your images. You can create a social media post sharing details for a special event that only your patreon users can see.

* For social media posts, you need to reduce the dimension of your image in order of the extension to detect the image. We hope to improve the detection, but for this first version it is recommended that your scale your images to 400 pixels wide. Most social media websites will reduce the size and quality of your images. That is why we recommend the image re-scale.

I got this idea from watching "A Christmas Story" over the holidays, I loved the part how excited Ralphie was excited to get his decoder key in the mail. I was thinking how cool that was, and how it seems like that excitement is missing today. And then I came up with the idea for this extension!

Link to Chrome plugin

It comes with a default NAME and Key. This image should show up automatically after install.

Try it out: Click on the extension. Click "Save Decoder Code". Add the below name and key and refresh the webpage:
Name: TEST  Key: 1234

How to create a D-Scramble image:

Great way to give users monthly access to exclusive images.